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Providing Industrial/Ruggedized Workstations and Displays for the plant floor since 1992.

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The pinnacle of durability and reliability in the realm of Industrial computing.

Modular’s industrial computers are engineered to withstand the harshest environments and operational challenges. Our cutting-edge designs combine advanced technology with robust construction to redefine the standards of industrial computing.

About Modular

Supplying organizations Industrial Workstations, Displays & Computer Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Since 1992 Modular has been the leader in providing Industrial/Ruggedized Workstations, Displays, Plant Floor Computers and Peripheral Enclosures specifically designed to meet the harsh demands of NEMA 4/4X/12 and IP69K factory floor environments.

What you always get from the Modular team:

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Over 30 years of experience providing solutions that protect electronic assets and increase run time.

Our Products

Where Industrial Meets Intelligent

For the Food, Beverage, Meat/ Poultry, Seafood and Dairy Industries

Food and Packaged Goods processing environments present the most difficult challenges in the deployment and use of computing technologies on the factory floor.

Since 1992, Modular has specialized in the design and manufacture of Industrial Computers/Displays, Computer Enclosures, Printer/Peripheral Enclosures, Large Screen Displays, Keyboard/Pointers and Mounting Systems tailored specifically for Food, Beverage, Meat/Poultry, Seafood and Dairy plant processing operations.

For the Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries

Modular designs and manufactures an array of Workstations, Industrial Computers and Displays designed specifically for use in Pharmaceutical/Bio-Tech applications.

Solutions can take form in a number of ways including small form factor, thru-wall, mobile, flat and sloped enclosure designs.  Minimal product/bacteria traps ensure optimum hygienic operation and ease of service and maintenance.

For Aerospace, Automotive Manufacturing and other NEMA 4/12 Manufacturing

Modular manufactures a broad range of low-cost NEMA 4/12 Industrial Computers, Displays, Workstations, Large Panel Enclosures and Printer/Peripheral Enclosures to meet the demands of NEMA 4/12 factory floor computing environments.

Designed with the same robust enclosure specifications as our NEMA 4X/IP69K family of products and enclosures, Modular’s epoxy powder coat aluminum and CRS enclosure designs provide the maximum in Industrial factory floor protection at a surprisingly low cost.

For Hazardous Areas

Hazardous areas are those that have been determined to be subject to explosion if sufficient electrical energy or other ignition sources are present while the area has ignitable dust or vapor present.

Hazardous conditions are defined by Underwriters Laboratories or other independent testing organizations. To operate, production facilities with hazardous environments must conduct their operations in compliance within UL standards to be underwritten by insurers. We design our solutions to comply with UL guidelines for a safe installation that will provide many years of service.

Purge and pressurization systems allow otherwise unsuitable enclosures to operate in Class I and Class II, Division 1 & 2 areas. Modular fully integrates these systems so the customer has an easy start up experience and does not have to be intimately familiar with the equipment configuration prior to start up.

Experience the attention and flexibility that comes with a small company

Experience unmatched customer care with flexibility and personalized support

At Modular we have 30+ years in the business with combined application sales experience of more than half a century. 

Swift Fulfillment Guaranteed

Typically ships within 6-8 weeks after order receipt – Outpacing competitors.

Premium Enclosure Sealing

Guttered door openings and no-maintenance compression latches set us apart from competitive designs that provide less sealing and require periodic adjustment.

Unbreakable Performance

Discover the ultimate durable Touch Screen – IMPREGNABLE to scratches, abrasion and abuse – perfect for hygienic environments.

Warranty and Expert Repairs

Enjoy our 4 YEAR WARRANTY, along with top-notch repair services that encompass free assessments and reasonable pricing based on actual findings.

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